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A photograph that inspires me, I'm thinking about Cambodia today. 

On a recant trip to Barcelona I spent some time watching people as the photographed various subjects. Almost 100% of the time people where shooting wide angle photographs. This is great as you will capture an image, but i would say try and make these wide angle images 20% of your photography collection, not 90%. 


Change your perspective and zoom in on details. No place is more rich in details as the urban landscape. By chancing your perspective you will discover a whole new world of equally, if not more, interesting details to photograph. Read more

Over the past few months I have been progressively taking less and less photographs, this was quite a worry. I hadn't lost my interest in photography, quite the opposite, i just found myself forgetting or even choosing not to take my camera with me. I came to the conclusion that the reason for this was almost certainly down to one thing, convenience or equipment.


The Rise of the camera phone.

 Read more

With hundreds of lenses to choose from, getting it right needs some consideration. Lenses are expensive, if want to purchase a new lens it really is important to think carefully about what will suite your needs.

There are a number of factors you will need to consider,

-The nature of your trip
-The length of your trip
-Your style of photography
-Your favourite lens

The quality of your lens is so important. I think much more important than the quality of camera body. I recommend that you buy the best lens you can afford. An upgrade in lens will greatly improve your photographs much more than an upgrade in camera body.

When buying a lens the main features that you will need to consider for travel photography will be;Read more





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